Colonel John Doody (Retired)

John Doody

Colonel John Doody (Retired)

Trusted Advisor

We are honoured to have Colonel (Retd) John Doody as one of our Trusted Advisors, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience having held appointments in the Defence, Intelligence Services and security Industry.  Currently he is the Director of Interlocutor Services Limited, a company established in 2003 to promote Information Assurance and Cyber Security issues both nationally and internationally. Prior to this John served at CESG/GCHQ for 10 years in the appointment of Head of Information Assurance Customer Services.

John has a wealth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of Cyber Security and Information Assurance. In this latter appointment at CESG/GCHQ he was a major contributor to CESG’s move to a commercial business footing. He has provided Strategic Advice to a number of major UK and US IT Security companies including FireEye, Booze Allan and SafeNet, three large US Cyber companies.

John is a renowned Evangelist for Cyber Security and Information Assurance, and has chaired many international committees dealing with Cyber, Information Assurance, Communications and Interoperability, and has given over 100 talks on Cyber and Information Assurance. He was elevated to the Info Security Europe Hall of Fame in 2012, and finally John was nominated “Godfather of Cyber Security 2021” at the Unsung Cyber Heroes Award Ceremony in the city of London in October 2021.