Platinum HIT is committed to helping organisations enhance their cyber security strategy. Our team has experience in designing, building, implementing, auditing, governance and protecting Critical National Infrastructure, Central Government, Healthcare, Defence, Retail, Aviation, Utilities and Global Financial Institutions.

The Leadership

Our progressive leadership team is made up of resolute, focused, and qualified executives. Working together and with our employees globally, their expertise and knowledge converge, making a difference for all our stakeholders – clients, resellers, employees, investors, and communities around the world.

Executive Board

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Business Conduct and Ethics Statement

At Platinum HIT our employee code of ethics and business conduct is one of the ways we put our values into practice and is built into everything we do. Platinum HIT stands for the core values of cooperation, honesty, fairness, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect. We expect our employees behaviour to other members, customers, and stakeholders to meet these values.

Our commitment to high standards is expected of all organisation members by the same values in their judgment and behaviour. Open communication and expression should be guided by the desire for a respectful, safe, and collaborative working environment.

Social Responsibility Statement

Platinum HIT believes in contributing to and supporting the communities where we work. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. From charitable giving and volunteering to “green” initiatives, we recognise our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities in which our employees live and work, and to inspire our employees to do so as well.

Platinum HIT recognises that a healthy and sustainable environment is critical to our society, economy, business, and people. We strive to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We believe that our business should be conducted in a manner that embraces sustainability, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.