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The Next Generation Cyber Shield
  1. Our ABATIS Shield Technology is currently successfully protecting critical national infrastructure (including but not limited to, military and civilian nuclear, air traffic control systems) and high integrity corporations. Protecting against malware, ransomware, corruption and theft of data, files or media.
  2. It is a proactive security software, with no reported breaches or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.
  3. It is effective against Zero Day Malware, viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, botnet, and rootkit attacks/infection, including evolving Ransomware attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (and exploitation of Alternate Data Streams). We stopfile less (in RAM) attacks.

Client Verticals
  1. Military & Civilian air traffic control systems Military and Civilian nuclear
  2. Critical National Infrastructure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & SCADA
  3. Mass Transit Systems
  4. Logistics hubs – major European port infrastructure Casinos
  5. High integrity Enterprise & SME’s

The Technology
  1. Innovative, disruptive & patented
  2. Stops known unknown malware inc. file less
  3. Stops zero days and targeted phishing attacks
  4. Legacy Preservation NT4 to present day
  5. ICS/SCADA systems protection proven, credible technical defense
  6. More efficient ZERO performance degradation
  7. Tiny footprint
  8. Can uncover existing infections
  9. Works with all other security tools
  10. Works in Linux
  11. Android, IOS & IoT on roadmap

Radically Different
  1. ABATIS Shield is Ring 0 self hardened code. Creates an unchangeable OS
  2. Prevents all unauthorised programs from being written to end points
  3. Prevents ZERO DAY attacks
  4. No false positives, no false negatives
  5. Zero latency
  6. Log files stored locally
  7. Deterministic and proven safe in Safety Critical, SCADA, etc.
  8. No signature file/white list updates
  9. Works with all known existing security products.
  10. Locates pre existing malware infection(s)
  11. No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) leaves your estate

The Problem
  1. Traditional AV is slow bloatware and can’t stop zero-days even with heuristic analysis – the problem is huge
  2. Whitelisting – Cumbersome, can’t stop DLL injection,
  3. ADS attacks or rootkits (must whitelist WinLogon & svchost – favourite hacker targets)
  4. Reputation based – like an MOT. No standard. False +/-
  5. Behavioural analysis and sandboxing – it knows!.
  6. Probabilistic analysis in general – will flag but false +/- and requires infections
  7. Firewalls – must have open ports which can be abused (encrypted channels etc.)
  8. IDS/IPS – again probabilistic so false +/- and malware is ‘aware’

Central Management Console
  1. Central Management Console (CMC) provides facilities for SMEs and Cos. without SIEMs to:
  2. Monitor ABATIS Shield on an estate.
  3. Retrieve and analyse logs.
  4. Craft policy updates for ABATIS Shield individually, in groups or globally as required.
  5. CMC and/or Your Enterprise SIEM can:
  6. •Identify existing infections such as blocked APT updates.
  7. •‘Clean up’ existing infection proven reduction from 3 days to 2 hours (90% improvement).
  8. Road map for enterprise APIs for logs and policy management.

  1. Established 2005 at Royal Holloway University of London
  2. Award winning innovative, proven and patented software technology for Windows and Linux
  3. Continual development; third party testing by Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, ATOS, and others to establish TRUST (claims made are validated and verified by organisation’s who have conducted evals)
  4. US and International Patent Granted in May 2015, European Patent Pending, new patents pending
  5. Low profile until patent grant restricted sales to Critical National Infrastructure, High Integrity Nuclear and Transport
  6. Royal Holloway Security Team Completed a Blackbox Penetration Test Which Our Technology Passed 22nd November 2022

Client Evaluations
  1. Successfully tested by a western Government’s Military against their entire back catalogue of malware, dating back 10 years, including Nation State attacks.
  2. Passed ITSEC evaluation testing with European ‘alphabet agency’.
  3. Evaluated with one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers specifically for SCADA/ICS use case with successful results

Works With

Windows Version

Windows NT4

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows XP Embeded

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2008 Web Server

Windows 2008 Server

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10

Windows 2012

Windows 10 to Enterprise 2015

Windows 11

Mainstream Support Ends

Ended 2001

Ended 2005

Ended 2009

Ended 2011

Ended 2012

Ended January 2015

Ended 2010

Ended July 2013

Ended January 2015

Ended 9 January 2018

Ended 13 October 2020

Ended 9 January 2018

Ended October 2021


Extended Support Ends

Ended 2004

Ended 2010

Ended April 2014

Ended January 2016

Ended April 2017

Ended January 2020

Ended July 2015

Ended January 2020

Ended January 2020

Ended January 2023

Ended January 2020

Ended 10 January 2023

Ended October 2023

Ends October 2025