Advisory Services

Risk Management

Our security advisors help you to understand where the risks are, equip you with the knowledge to identify the threat and vulnerabilities that create those risks in your enterprise, assist you in addressing the risks and recommend mitigations to improve your organisations security posture.

Risk Reviews

Establish a baseline understanding of exposure and quantifies the materiality of risk. This view informs where there are opportunities and unknown risks relative to your business objectives. The risk assessment is the process of identifying security risks and assessing the threat they pose. The ultimate purpose of IT risk assessment is to mitigate risks to prevent security incidents and compliance failures.

Virtual Security Manager

Platinum HIT Virtual Security Manager can help your company deal with the ad-hoc challenges that you may not have the current capability to deal with on your own by this is a pay-as-you go service whereby clients can gain instant access to a security expert to provide advice and guidance relating to security and compliance matters.

This service is very useful for small to medium enterprises, which may not have a daily need for security resources but do challenges that need addressing from time to time.

  • Review of a technical approach from a security perspective
  • Review / verification for complying with various security standards
  • Data privacy advice and support such as conducting a privacy impact assessment.
  • Ad-hoc security related questions
  • Policy development request.
  • Advice dealing with newly publicised vulnerabilities
  • Physical review of security

Security Policy and Procedure Development

  • Do you have a policy? Is it effective? Do you have that working from home policy?
  • We can develop tailored security policy and procedures to suit your business.
  • We can review the policy and the procedure to ensure compliance in the form of a spot check.

Security Assessments

With a remote workforce comes countless risks, with employees relying on their home networks, and sometimes their own devices to complete work tasks.

How did your workforce manage the lockdown working from home? Did your operations team see an increase in breaches?

Our consultants can perform

  • Remote working assessments to identify where the weaknesses are to minimise the working from home risks.
  • Physical review of security
  • IT Health checks
  • Review of Operating System builds (Servers / End point devices)
  • External Pen tests
  • Vulnerability scanning

Abatis® is an innovative security software solution that integrates fully into the operating system rendering it immutable.

Our custom packages include

A detailed evaluation of the unique needs of your company

Scalable packages for all stages of business growth

Self Managed Service

Criteria for Enterprise

  • Must have an existing Managed SOC or NOC
  • Highly Skilled Personnel
  • Essential IT Requirements Covered


  • Global Network of Consultants 
  • 24/7 Live Assistance 
  • Easy Deployment 


  • Enforce Security Everywhere 
  • High-quality Telemetry
  • Stop Advanced Attacks
  • Flexible Upgrade Option’s 

Fully Managed Service


  • Global Coverage
  • Customised Services
  • Robust Network Services
  • 24/7 Live Assistance 


  • Enforce Security Everywhere 
  • Complete Partnered Protection
  • Managed Detection and Response 
  • Expert Guidance.
  • Reduced IT Costs